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To play "Cherry, Orange & Lemon Tripler Cashword," scratch off the YOUR 18 LETTERS area to reveal your 18 letters. Scratch the BONUS letters to reveal 2 additional letters to use on both Cashword puzzles.

For each letter in YOUR 18 LETTERS and BONUS letters, scratch the same letter each time it is found in both CASHWORD Puzzles. Only the highest prize won in the Cashword Puzzle will be paid.

Scratch each “, , or ” symbol that appears in the Cashword Puzzle; each “, or ” symbol is a free spot in lieu of a letter. Also, where a “, or ” symbol appears in any winning combination of words, win TRIPLE the corresponding prize found in the GAME LEGEND.


A. A “word” must contain at least three letters and cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally or by reading the letters from the bottom to top.

B. Every single letter square of a “word” must be matched and letters or a free spot combined to form a “word” must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters in the Crossword Grid. An unbroken string of letters cannot be interrupted by a black space. There will only be one “word” in an unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters. Every single letter in the unbroken string must: (a) be revealed in YOUR LETTERS, and (b) be included to form a “word”.

C. The three (3) small letters within the YOUR 18 LETTERS box are for validation purposes and cannot be used to play CHERRY, ORANGE, & LEMON TRIPLER CASHWORD.

Overall odds of winning playing "Cherry, Orange, & Lemon Tripler Cashword" are 1 in 3.94.

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