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COAM Documents

COAM Laws, Rules & Regulations

Connection Standards


Secured Compartment

SAS Requirements

Transitional Solution Requirements

Definition of Existing & Legacy COAMs

Timetable for Standards for COAM Machines

New COAM Licensing Qualifications

COAM Administration - April 2015

COAM Administration Hearings - December 2013

Lottery Tickets as COAM Prizes - January 2014

HB 487


COAM Communications

COAM Location Approval List - as of 7/31/2015

Notice to all COAM licensees - Freeze Extension Resolution

Dual Master/Location Exception Notice

Central System Connection Notice

Important Dates & Announcements

Notice to COAM Licensees – Unlawful Games

Master License Holder Freeze Resolution

COAM Website Portal User's Manual for Masters

COAM Website Portal User's Manual for Locations

Important Information for Class B Master License Holders - Please Read!

Proposed COAM Location Venue Rollout Map

Letter - Central Accounting System

Play Responsibly Sign

Fraud, Abuse, or Cash Payouts Sign

COAM Audit Checklist - October 15, 2013

Contract and Affidavit Letter – August 26, 2013

COAM Reporting Letter – August 1, 2013

Location Owner/Operator Notice – July 10, 2013

Letter to COAM Owners and Operators – May 3, 2013

Letter to GLC Retailers – April 24, 2013


COAM Forms

Arbitration Form

EFT Authorization Package - Location Licensee

EFT Authorization Package - Master Licensee

Affidavit Instructions
(Master License Holders ONLY)

Secure and Verifiable Documents

Verification of Lawful Presence Affidavit

Master Licensee Location Form

Master Licensee Location Change Form

COAM Master Licensee Affidavit


COAM Reporting

COAM Reporting

MASTER LICENSE and LOCATION LICENSE HOLDERS may now apply online for 2016 COAM licenses by clicking here.

COAM Advisory Board Members:

  • Lee Hunter, Chairman
  • Mike Chamlee, Vice Chairman
  • Gus Makris, Secretary
  • Debbie Alford
  • Stewart Carswell
  • Emily Dunn
  • Patrick Jones
  • Chris Pope
  • Jim Siskin
  • CB Yadav

Upcoming COAM Advisory Board Meetings:

  • January 13, 2016
  • April 13, 2016
  • July 13, 2016
  • October 12, 2016
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